Magic Retouch Spray
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Destroy white hair roots instantly with hair magic touch root concealer.



Different people react in different ways to how Hair Building Fibres works in giving the appearance of thicker and fuller hair instantaneously. Completely safe, the tiny microfibres are unique and don't just cover up; they also give an appearance of more hair throughout. Apply to clean, dry hair in thinning areas until the desired effect is achieved. Start from the back of your head working forward using your hand to gently pat down on the area to help spread the fibres. Finish off by gently combing through locks.

Light Brown

Hair Building Fibres are the perfect hair thickening system, whether you suffer from thin hair, bald spots or starting hair loss.

In just a few seconds you thicken your own hair with the hair fibres and thus provide a better look, a safe appearance and more confidence.

The pouring hair effect you achieve with the hair fibres is sensational.

Medium Brown

Within a few seconds, you can visibly achieve more hair volume and your hair problems are no longer visible.

By holding it to the hair with the fixing spray, the hair fibres are sweat and wind resistant.

They are simply rinsed off by washing the hair.

Dark Brown

Instructions: Apply the hair fibers to places where the hair is thinner and you want more volume. The synthetic hair fibers will automatically attach to your own hair.

Warning: For external use only. If you see a rash or redness, stop using. Store in a cool and dry place. Don't inhale it. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.


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