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Dreamed, designed, and manufactured in Italy, this professional blow dryer offers 36 heat and speed settings so that you can select the perfect setting for your hair, whether it is thick or fragile - it can even be used on babies' very delicate hair.

Its revolutionary ionic and ceramic system prevents hair from overheating and reduces drying time on even the thickest hair.

This unique, luxury model dryer uses an electronic accelerator, with a black switch to regulate the heat level, and two other buttons to increase or decrease the power (speed and heat simultaneously), making it the perfect heat control system.

It has a removable filter that prevents hair from being sucked in and acts as a built-in silencer. Additionally, this hairdryer is lightweight and ergonomic.

Our luxurious hairdryers for women and men are engineered to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of hair and will leave each strand of hair deeply nourished and moisturized, with unbeatable fullness and shine.

We've included 2 air concentrators to help you achieve that perfect style, and an elegant beauty bag to bring your favorite hairdryer everywhere. Plus, this hairdryer is very efficient with minimal energy consumption.

At Elchim, we believe in creating hair dryers, flat irons, and styling tools that promise hair is always healthy and shiny, and provide exactly what you need for a beautiful, functional style.


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