How To Shave Your Face / Tips

por {{ author }} damla yalcin sobre Dec 02, 2021

How To Shave Your Face / Tips

1- Wash Your Face and Hydrate

Hydrating softens your hair. You can wash your face with warm water or shave after a shower. Provide easy shaving.

2-Add Scrub To Your Routine

Scrubs help lift dead skin away from your face. When your face gets smoother, you enjoy gentle shaving.

3- Apply Shaving Cream

While applying your shave cream, move your cream or gel upward motion. Spread it all over your beard.

4-Shave Using a Clean, Sharp Razor

shave to the direction that your hair moves. And the most important part is the hygiene of the razor. You need clean blades every time.

5-Rinse Everything With Cold Water

Clean your razor and everything you used for shaving.

6- Apply Aftershave

Wash your face and dry. Aftershave lotion to help your skin feel hydrating.

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